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Audience (Traffic and Demographics)

tour group on Zattere in Venice

Our site reaches a global audience, with the largest native English-speaking segments coming from the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


Europe for Visitors currently averages more than 247,000 sessions, nearly 190,000 users, and more than 631,000 editorial page views per month, as reported by Google Analytics. (Traffic varies by season, climbing from an early-December low to an extended peak in the summer months.)

In our first 11 years of using Google Analytics, we've accrued more than 34 million sessions, nearly 27 million users (a.k.a. unique visitors), and almost 115 million editorial pageviews--with most of that traffic being on "evergreen" destination articles and cruise reviews.

Google Analytics screen shots:

This Google Analytics "Audience Overview" table shows our editorial traffic for the 12 months ending July 31, 2018:

Europe for Visitors traffic chart

U.S. Demographics

Source: Quantcast

The Quantcast table below shows our U.S. audience data. "Index" numbers reflect how ranks for various demographic segments, using a baseline of 100 for the overall U.S. Internet audience. (For example, our site has unusually high index numbers for "$150k+" incomes and "Grad School" education.)

quantcast table 

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