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Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station

Ground transportation and walking directions

Map - Piazzale Roma and Venezia Santa Lucia Station

ABOVE: After arriving at the Piazzale Roma by airport bus or land taxi, walk across the Calatrava Bridge and continue along the water to the railroad station. (See detailed directions below, especially if you need to avoid the station stairs.)

Getting from Venice's Marco Polo Airport to the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station is easy, with one caveat:

  • You can't take a bus or land taxi directly to the station, because the station has no road access. Instead, you'll need to take a bus or taxi to the Piazzale Roma (on the edge of Venice's historic center) and walk across a bridge to the station, unless you opt for an expensive--and slower--water taxi.

Below are step-by-step directions from the airport to the station. Total travel time, including walking, should be less than 30 minutes or slightly longer if you take a water taxi.

By airport bus:

  1. Catch the ATVO "Venezia Express" airport coach or the ACTV No. 5 "Aerobus" from the sidewalk in front of the eterminal's arrivals level. (The ATVO coach is more convenient, with luggage compartments at ground level.) For fares and other information, see our Venice Airport Buses article.

  2. When you reach the Piazzale Roma, look for a large modern bridge on the north side of the square. This is the Ponte della Costituzione, more commonly known as the "Calatrava Bridge" after the Spanish architect who designed it. Cross the bridge.

  3. On the other side of the bridge, walk along the water to the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station.

  • Note: Santa Lucia Station has a ramp next to the main staircase for luggage, strollers, and wheelchairs. This will bring you into the station's main lobby. Alternatively, you can head to the right of the station and turn left into the pedestrian alley that runs gently uphill to the station's side door. This is convenient if you already have tickets and want to go directly to the train platforms.

By land taxi:

  1. Follow the taxi signs on the airport's arrival level and catch a taxi to Piazzale Roma.

  2. At Piazzale Roma, follow steps 2 and 3 above.

By water taxi:

  1. Go to either of the water taxi counters on the arrivals level, just outside Customs. (We use the Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia, a cooperative of water-taxi owners.) Your destination will be the "Stazione Venezia Santa Lucia"), and the fare will be a minimum of €110.

  2. Exit the terminal and take the moving sidewalk to the boat piers.

An alternative: Venezia Mestre Railroad Station

  • If you don't mind getting on at the second station from Venice (which could mean less choice of seats unless you have seat reservations), you can take the ATVO Fly Bus to Mestre Railroad Station, which is on the Venetian mainland near the causeway and railroad bridge from Venice's historic center. (Mestre is Venice's "through station," and some trains stop only in Mestre.)

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