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Currency Converter
View prices in your own currency, or translate your travel budget into European money.

Money-Saving European Travel Tips
Don't let a weak dollar or pound sterling disrupt your travel plans--a European vacation can be cheaper than you think.

ATMs and Exchange Machines
Here's how to get cash in Europe without having to ask " you buy dollars?" in the local lingo.

ATM "Conversion Fees" 
If you thought ATM withdrawals were a way to avoid high currency-exchange commissions, think again--and be prepared to find a new bank.

Using a Credit Card in Europe
Plastic is widely accepted in European countries, but there are a few things you need to know before you leave home.

Credit-Card Surcharges
Before using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to avoid high exchange commissions, make sure your credt-card company isn't charging a hidden 2% to 5% fee.

Visa TravelMoney Card
Theis prepaid card combines the convenience of an ATM or debit card with the refundability of traveler's checks--but the fees, especially for currency conversion, are mind-boggling.

The Euro
Sixteen European countries have replaced their national currencies with the euro. Our article has links to Web resources about the euro (including pictures of euro banknotes and coins).

Traveler's Checks
ATMs and credit cards have made traveler's checks less essential, but they haven't rendered them completely obsolete.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet
Men, take heed: If you're going to carry your wallet in your trousers, get it off your hip and into a front pocket (where it should be safer from pickpockets and won't contribute to back or leg pain).

Tax-Free Shopping
If you're a visitor from overseas, you may be entitled to refunds of value-added tax on many European purchases. Here's what you need to know about VAT refunds before you shop--and before you board the plane for home.

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