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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From: Venice Railroad Station

Venice railroad station toilets.

ABOVE: The clean, modern toilets at Venezia Santa Lucia railroad station are cheaper than Venice's municipal lavatories (€1, compared to €1,50). If you don't have a euro, get coins from the change machine or hold your credit card against the reader on top of the turnstile.

Temporary closure:
Early in 2024, the station toilets were closed for a major renovation project. (With luck, the work will be complete by the time of your visit.) During the renovation, you can use the toilets in station bars and restaurants if you buy something, or--if your need isn't urgent--you can cross the Ponte della Costituzione near the station and use the city's clean, modern public toilets in the Piazzale Roma for a 1,50-euro fee.

"Where are the station toilets (WCs)?"

Public lavatories are in an open corridor facing Track 1. Head left as you leave your train's platform, or right if you're entering the train shed from the station hall.

Venice train station lavatory sign.The restrooms are clearly marked and easy to find. The bad news is that you'll have to pay; the good news is that requiring a euro coin or a credit card helps to control access and pay for frequent cleaning.

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